Contributions to the Museum's Annual Fund provide much needed programmatic and operating support for the Museum.
Individual giving provides more than 30% of the Museum's yearly operating budget and is crucial to our continuing financial stability. This is truer than ever today as the Museum moves ahead with its new Affiliate relationship with the Smithsonian Institution.

As a Smithsonian affiliate, the Museum incurs no fees for the borrowing of any object. However, there will be exhibit preparation costs, which encompass Smithsonian curator and registrar fees, exhibition design work, shipping insurance, security, travel, and promotion. In addition, the Museum must improve its exhibit infrastructure, including display furniture and lighting. The Museum's small staff will need to expand in order to handle the requirements of the Smithsonian program. We must also raise our profile in the community and get the word out about this exciting new relationship.

To take the next step and ensure the Museum's future, the Museum counts on contributions to the Annual Fund. Please take a moment to fill out the contributions card (click on the icon). The confidence you show in awarding the Museum your support really does make a difference.

You may donate appreciated stock to the Museum at any time. No capital gains are incurred with such a donation, and you may deduct the full value of the stock at the time it is donated. Please call John V. Jones, the Museum's Director of Development, for further details (404-688-2467, extension 306).


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