The Atlanta International Museum of Art and Design in downtown Atlanta offers a variety of educational programming and resources. The following activities are available or in the development process.

Elementary school students will be able to have special performances and workshops come to their schools that explore various areas of art, culture and technology.

Middle school and high school students may visit our exhibits, have special workshops on site, and have performances and workshops come to their sites.

The outreach programs, which visit the schools, may be scheduled through Young Audiences of Atlanta, (404) 589-0644. These include programs on:

Vincent van Gogh - Painting
Alexander Calder - Sculpture
Leonardo da Vinci - Painting, Inventions, and Inquiry
Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture

The Museum conducts professional development workshops for preschool, elementary, and secondary school educators. These workshops are of two types. Both types include lesson plans, methods and materials to match Competency Goals or Georgia QCC's:

1. Present participants with teaching concepts concerning art, culture and technology.

2. Introduce participants to works of art in the Museum's current exhibitions and explore related interdisciplinary teaching.

This program is currently being developed to incorporate student learning in art and design with an interactive website and exploration of the internet. It will include in-service workshops with teachers, and special training which will be presented by the Smithsonian Institution. We will be seeking teacher, parental and community involvement in all phases of the design and execution of The Global Classroom.

For additional information, to schedule a visit to our exhibits, for teacher information and learning guides, or to express an interest in The Global Classroom, contact Randy Taylor, Curator of Education, at (404) 688-2467 ext. 303 or by e-mail

To schedule an outreach program for schools, please call Young Audiences of Atlanta, (404) 589-0644.

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