March 24 through July 3, 2003
Galleries I and II

The first and only museum exhibition to feature three generations of America's consummate woodturning family: Ed Moulthrop, his son Philip Moulthrop, and grandson Matt Moulthrop. A renowned innovator in contemporary woodturning design and a strong influence on the development of the field, family patriarch Ed Moulthrop is a self-taught master craftsman well known for his large-scale bowls and other simple shapes that have a striking symmetrical perfection and classic sculptural design. An Atlanta artist, he has created some of the largest lathe-turned pieces in the world, many standing more than four feet tall. Today, three generations of Moulthrops have coaxed exquisite wood-turned creations from rough-hewn tree stumps, and the name "Moulthrop" has become internationally synonymous with contemporary woodturning.


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