Below is a list of our upcoming exhibitions for 2003:
Schedule subject to change, please call for confirmation: (404) 688-2467, ext. 307

Samuel Mockbee Architecture Exhibition
On display from August - November 2003

Samuel Mockbee, the late architect and teacher from Auburn University, worked in America's poorest rural settings providing living spaces for some of Alabama's poorest citizens. Through his work in the Rural Studio Architectural Program, Mockbee combined imagination, skill, foresight, and passion to combat harsh necessity.



Lunch Box Memories (In collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution)
On display from December 2003-February 2004

A history of lunch box design from its humble beginnings in the 19th century to the icons of the present day. These lunch boxes recall the times and places, the heroes and heroines, the fads and fantasies of our youth-a time when we began to define our choices, our ideas, and ourselves.




From Function to Fantasy: Contemporary Southeastern Furniture
On display from March 2004-June 2004

Following in their predecessors' footsteps, today's Southeastern furniture designers are employing various materials and techniques to explore and expand the way we look at furniture. From traditional joinery and fire welding, to random surface design and exotic patinas, these artists seek many ways to interpret issues of composition and form. The results are fresh and fanciful works of strong visual power that depict the vitality of these makers and our arts community. Fanciful willow settees, high-tech glass and metal tables, funky found-object seating, elegant wooden cabinets, Shaker-inspired chairs, and non-functional sculptural objects, imbue this new furniture with the unique visions of their creators. This exhibition is curated by Michael Gilmartin and will showcase works by many artists, including at least one piece by former President and Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter, who is also a woodworker.



MoreTreasures From The Smithsonian Institution:
An exhibit of special pieces of art from the Smithsonian presented in the on going series highlighting "Treasures from the Smithsonian". The purpose of these exhibits is to present previews of exhibits made possible by the Atlanta International Museum as an Affiliate Institution of the Smithsonian Institution.


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